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General data

The kiwi is one of the most exotic and tropical fruits, while being one of the unique perhaps fruit offering plurality nutrients.
01-permanto-products-kiwiThe kiwi is the richest fruit in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to combat free radicals, and an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins A & E and vitamin B complex, which greatly helps the healthy functioning of the brain.





The most widespread varieties of kiwi fruit which are exported, by Greek producers are:

  • Variety Soreli. Harvesting takes place by mid-September, containing sugars above 70 to 100 Brix.
  • Variety Tsechelidis. It is the earliest of the variety Hayward by 10 - 15 days.
  • Variety Hayward. Harvesting is performed in October and November.

Harvesting and Disposal

Permanto exports about 1.000 tons annually kiwi, between September and November, directly from the producer.

01-permanto-products-kiwi-packThe kiwifruit are exported to large processing companies in Italy, in plastic boxes (IFCO).

Almost the entire production of varieties Soreli, Tsechelidis and Hayward are derived from Pieria and Arta, two of the most suitable areas in Greece for the cultivation of kiwifruit.

Continuous monitoring of kiwifruit orchards takes place as well as supervision of their harvest by company experts who determine the stage of maturity for the desired values ​​of dry matter and sugars, which ensure the high quality of the fruit.





  • Packing in plastic boxes (IFCO), from the farm.
  • We can serve our customers with packed kiwifruit.
    Kiwis are packed as follows:
    Single layer carton box                      5 kg.
    Carton box                                      10 kg.
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