Permanto with ensuring the quality of its products, renders reliable in the field of…
The qualitative particularities of Greek fruits, have roots in the environmental conditions and microclimate of Greek soil....
Incomparable quality Greek nuts, selected from areas with particular microclimatic conditions, exclusively for our customers....

Permanto Products

Peaches handled from PERMANTO, derived from our producers from regions Imathia, Pella and Pieria in Greece.
Exports of peaches made to Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

General data

Fruit is delicious, nutritious, high in dietary variety. They contain a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants
03-permanto-products-peachesthat help in better health of mind and body skin. They help in eye health in better vision and better blood circulation because of beta-carotene it contains.
Rich source of vitamins A, C, E, K, minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and phosphorus.


Varieties of table peach, Harvesting and Disposal:

  • Red Haven: Large fruit with yellow and red. Resistant in transportation and maintenance.
          Date of maturity: Matures from early July to mid-July.
  • Rubidoux: Fruits big tasty yellow.
           Date of maturity: Matures from 20 August to 5 September.
  • Spring Crest: Fruit of medium size, early variety.
           Date of maturity: Matures from 5 June to 15 June.
  • Rich Lady: Variety lively and productive. Oversized round-shaped fruit.
           Date of maturity: Matures from 5 July to 15 July.

Other varieties: May Crest, Spring Bell, Royal Glory, Sun Claus, Maria Bianca, Fayette, Honey.

Harvest period and disposal:

Harvest period and disposal for all varieties of peaches, shown in the diagram below.



Peaches are packed as follows:
      Wooden crate with 4 kg. (one layer)         4 kg.
      Carton box (one layer)                                7 kg.
The packaging is made and according to the customer's wishes.

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