Permanto with ensuring the quality of its products, renders reliable in the field of…
The qualitative particularities of Greek fruits, have roots in the environmental conditions and microclimate of Greek soil....
Incomparable quality Greek nuts, selected from areas with particular microclimatic conditions, exclusively for our customers....

Permanto Products

Oranges handled from PERMANTO, derived from our producers from regions Argolida, Arta, Ilia and Corinthian in Greece.
Exports of oranges made ​​to Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

General data

In Greece 350.000 acres are cultivated of orange groves. The areas with the greatest productions are regions
04-permanto-products-orangeArgolida, Arta, Chania, Laconia, Etoloakarnania, Corinth and Ilia.

The orange is a fruit full of health with much vitamin C.
Apart from the known vitamin C that provides us, the orange has over 170 substances that protects our body.

The orange helps to reduce cholesterol.

The main orange varieties are:

Navelines oranges
Navelines is orange with much juice.
A medium sized, round fruit, without seeds and excellent savour.
Harvested from mid-November to end-January.

Navels merlin oranges
Consists the 60 % of the Greek production. It is a big fruit with crisp flesh.
Harvested from end of November to end of May.

Navel is late variety, without seeds and very productive. Te fruit is excellent.
Harvested from January to May.

Very tasty and sweet orange. It is a medium size fruit.
Harvested October to January.

Very tasty, sweet and juicy orange. It is a medium size fruit.
Harvested from November to end of February.

The main blood orange varieties are

Orange with red flesh, medium size and suitable for juice and rich in vitamins.
Harvested from December to end of January.

Medium size fruit to bigger with a elongated shape and smooth flesh. It is very juicy and tasty.
Harvested from March to June.

Medium size red fleshed and very juice.
Harvested from end November to February.

Harvest period and disposal:

Harvest period and disposal for all varieties of peaches, shown in the diagram below.



  • The packaging is done mainly
    Carton box loose                          10 kg.
    Carton box loose                          15 kg.   
  • All the above products are sold processed or according with the customer’s demands.
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