Permanto with ensuring the quality of its products, renders reliable in the field of…
The qualitative particularities of Greek fruits, have roots in the environmental conditions and microclimate of Greek soil....
Incomparable quality Greek nuts, selected from areas with particular microclimatic conditions, exclusively for our customers....

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PERMANTO managing a chestnuts quantity of approximately 350 tons per year, with an upward trend.

The whole production of chestnuts who managed by the company PERMANTO comes from the Greek mountainous regions of Pieria, Larissa, Kilkis and Pella.

06-permanto-chestnuts-greek-exportPERMANTO works directly with producers in the above areas of Greece and arrange to monitor all stages, from the production process up to collection process. The producers and their chestnut's orchards are located at an altitude of over 350 meters.
Chestnuts are one of the typical fruit - nut of winter. Eaten grilled or boiled, used in pastry (whole or in flour) and used also in cuisine to various recipes.

Harvest period and disposal:

The collection of chestnuts is from mid September to late November, depending to climatic conditions.


Chestnuts are available directly from the producer at the time of collection and after being been sorted by the producer.
Batches of chestnuts are exported to EU countries and especially in Italy and companies processing chestnuts for the final consumer.

Packaging: The packaging is usually in bags of 40 kg, but can also be packaged in bags of 25 or 30 kg, according to customers demand.

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